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Planet Town Full Town Bundle

Planet Town Full Town Bundle

Planet Town Full Town Bundle

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Planet Town Bundle includes: 

Super Duper Foods Supermarket L (18cm) x H (18cm) X W (14cm), Mr Frosty's Ice Cream Parlour L (18cm) x H (18cm) X W (11cm), Rainbow Bakes Cake Shop L (19cm) x H (11cm) X W (16cm), Pawsome Pet Shop L (15cm) x H (13cm) X W (14cm), Pepe's Pizza Parlour L (14cm) x H (15cm) X W (12cm), Planet Town Police Station L (18cm) x H (20cm) X W (11cm), Planet Town Fire Station L (18cm) x H (20cm) X W (12cm), Planet Town Hospital L (18cm) x H (19cm) X W (11cm).


  • Build each building in 5 minutes, play for hours
  • Eco-friendly non-toxic glue included
  • Compatible with Brio, Playmobil, Sylvanian Families and more
  • Encourages motor development, storytelling and imaginative play.      
  • Suitable for ages 5+                                                                                                                                                                                       

This Planet Town Toy Bundle consists of a delightful collection of interactive toys that will spark your child's imagination and provide endless hours of fun. This bundle includes a toy Supermarket shop, Ice Cream parlor, Cake Shop, Pet Shop, and Pizza parlor, all made from sustainable cardboard materials.

The toy Supermarket shop allows your child to step into the role of a shopkeeper, stocking shelves, scanning items, and serving customers. With realistic features and accessories, they can explore the world of grocery shopping and develop essential life skills.

The Ice Cream parlor brings the joy of a sweet treat to your child's playtime. They can create their own ice cream flavors, serve customers. This toy encourages creativity and imaginative play.

In the Rainbow Bakes Cake Shop, you can become a pastry chef, baking and decorating delicious cakes. With pretend ingredients and tools, they can let their culinary skills shine and host their own cake parties for friends and family.

The Pawsome Pet Shop introduces your child to the world of caring for animals. They can adopt and care for adorable toy pets, feed them, groom them, and create a nurturing environment. This toy promotes empathy and responsibility.

The Pizza parlor lets your child become a pizza chef, crafting their own imagnitive pizzas with different toppings and serving them to hungry customers. They can explore flavors, practice counting, and develop fine motor skills while engaging in imaginative play.

The Police station introduces your child to the role of a community helper. They can play the part of a police officer, patrolling the streets of Planet Town and promoting safety. This cardboard toy fosters a sense of responsibility and teaches children about the importance of law enforcement in a sustainable society.

The Fire station allows your child to become a firefighter, responding to emergencies and protecting the environment. It encourages bravery, teamwork, and environmental awareness.

The Hospital promotes empathy and caring for others. Your child can play the role of a doctor or nurse, tending to patients and learning about the importance of healthcare in a sustainable world. This cardboard toy provides a platform for nurturing and understanding the needs of others.

The Planet TownToy Bundle offers a unique play experience that combines fun and education while instilling a sense of environmental responsibility. Each toy is carefully designed to minimize waste and promote sustainable practices, allowing your child to enjoy endless hours of play while learning about the importance of protecting our planet.

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