Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

Our Commitment To Sustainability

One of the many things that makes Pack a Range so unique is its dedication to sustainability. Handcrafted in Dorset, our collection is created using carefully selected materials and processes, for example using recycled cardboard, to ensure we create a positive impact on the environment through our products, employees and wider community.

Our connection to nature is firmly embedded in both the company’s organisation and employee culture, with our team expressing a strong appreciation for the great outdoors. Enthusiasts of paddle boarding, swimming, camping, hiking and immersing ourselves in other outdoor activities, it is our passion that drives our commitment to preserve nature.  


Our Pledge

  • We strive to only use recycled materials in our products and packaging and to use biodegradable and plastic-free options whenever we can. 
  • We will go paper-free where we can – throughout our offices and with our marketing material. 
  • We will continue our partnership with One Tree Planted, an environmental charity that pledges to create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity, and help reforestation efforts globally. Thereby, for every Pack a Desk and Pack a Desk Jr sold, One Tree Planted plant a tree!  
  • We will regularly audit our energy, waste and water usage in our workplaces, and create roadmaps to reduce our impact in every way we can. 
  • We will continuously educate and motivate employees to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner, where we will always welcome feedback towards new strategies to ensure continual improvement of our performance and footprint. 
  • We will consistently ask “Is there a more sustainable way of doing this?” throughout all of our operations. 
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