30 Screen-Free Activities For Children

30 Screen-Free Activities For Children

Technology can be empowering for kids of all ages, with tools that can help children learn in fun and engaging ways! With anything from learning materials involving everything from letters and numbers to spelling and learning new languages! Particularly during quarantine technology this has proved to be highly beneficial and provided a means to connect with friends and loved ones, yet now we are turning a corner it is essential we find a little more balance in our lives again. A balance which captures these benefits as well as activities away from our screens can yield great advantages.  

After all, traditional play has been found to: 

  • Improve physical and mental health 
  • Reduces stress and anxiety 
  • Teaches responsibility and appreciation for our planet
  • Inspire creativity 
  • Fosters confidence building through a sense of independence 
  • Creates an opportunity to socialise 

But, in an effort to achieve this balance, we’ve come up with 30 screen-free activities for kids: 

  1. Build A Fort
  2. Go On A Bug Hunt
  3. Make Paper Aeroplanes To Fly Across The Room
  4. Dress Up As Your Favourite Characters 
  5. Make A Time Capsule 
  6. Plant Some Seeds
  7. Read A New Book
  8. Have A Treasure Hunt
  9. Create A Collage Out Of Old Magazines
  10. Learn A New Instrument
  11. Make A Garden Perfume
  12. Paint A Picture
  13. Make Finger Or Sock Puppets
  14. Go Birdwatching
  15. Learn How To Cook A Meal 
  16. Melted Crayon Painting 
  17. Work On A Puzzle / Play Board Games
  18. Build An Obstacle Course
  19. Learn A Magic Trick
  20. Go For A Bike Ride
  21. Make A Smoothie
  22. Decorate Rocks
  23. Write Your Name In An Ancient Language
  24. Play Marbles 
  25. Learn How To Sew
  26. Draw Your Family Tree
  27. Make A Dream Catcher
  28. Fly A Kite
  29. Write A Short Story
  30. Learn A New Language 

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