10 Easy Eco Christmas Craft Ideas

10 Easy Eco Christmas Craft Ideas

We’re dreaming of a green Christmas this year! Like many households and businesses we’re striving to adopt eco-friendly habits and reduce plastic. Handmade Christmas gifts, sustainable wrapping and decorations are great ways to start on your eco-journey. The secret is all about using what you’ve got, raiding the house for

To help you make this Christmas the greenest one yet we’ve put together a fun list of crafts for you and the whole family to create over the holidays!

1. Orange Peel Crafts


    Make mini stars out of old orange peels for the ultimate eco Christmas craft! This Healthy Table shows you how to start this sustainable activity!

    2. Leaf Decorations

      Put some life back into old leaves, that you may find in your garden or even on your walks, to create dazzling Christmas decorations.


      3. Pillow Case As A Santa Sack

      Transform your un-used pillow cases, into a Santa sack to keep your presents safe! Colour, paint or even use tie-dye effects in Christmas colours to make these old items more festive!


      4. Eco-friendly Christmas Wrapping

      Ditch wrapping paper this year and make your own! Gathered have everything from suminagashi gift wrap tutorials to handmade wrapping paper DIYs. 


      5. Sweater into Stockings

      Use up all those spare jumpers and Christmas materials and turn them into DIY stockings. You could even fill them with eco-friendly presents and vegan treats.


      6. DIY Christmas Cards

      A lot of cards from retailers often come wrapped in plastic and contain lots of glitter which is both bad for the planet and for your carpet! Learn how to make your own cards with recycled materials from home as a fun Christmas activity. Plus, the person receiving the card is likely to love the gesture even more since it will be personalised and specially handmade! 


      7. Natural Table Decorations and Place Settings                                                                                                                     
        Wonder into the outdoors and collect un-usual, natural objects to decorate your table. This is a great conversation topic, where you can discuss finding objects such as pinecones, leaves, flowers and much more!                                                                                                                                                                         8. Edible Gifts


        More unwanted "junk" at Christmas? Try giving a tasty treat instead that will leave peoples stomach full and not just their cupboards! How about signing up to a cooking class or workshop to do this, where you can also pick up on a new skill in the process!

        9. Sustainable Crackers

        Did you know, Brits pull an estimated 154m crackers every Christmas! Recent calls to ban the decoration due to the amount of plastic waste they produce. Thereby eco-friendly alternatives are commended using recycled materials and filler choices including fair trade treats, handmade bath bombs, seeds and more - as suggested by The Guardian. 


        10. Pine-cone Owls

          Combine craft with an exciting nature hike to create adorable Pine Cone owls to put around your home! You can even use cotton wool to create a snowy effect, with no glue needed as the cotton wool will stay where they are if stuffed in! 

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