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Super T-Rex Bundle

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Super T-Rex Bundle

Build, Play, Learn!

Product Details

Tyrannosaurus Rex was the most ferocious dinosaur – with the strongest bite of any animal on Earth, ever! Crowned “king of the tyrant lizards”, the T-Rex was about the size of a bus.

The Super T-Rex Bundle features three favourites! Including the Tyranno 3D Puzzle, Make A Dinosaur Wood & Clay Kit: T-Rex and the fun T-Rex 3D Mask Card Craft - All with 15% off the price of each individual item! 


Item 1: Tyranno 3D Puzzle

This unique craft collectable is made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable card as well printed with natural non-toxic glue. Simply glue the pieces together in numerical sequence and in less than 20 minutes your miniature figure will come to life! Perfect for children aged 6+

Technical Specification

  • Approximate Dimensions:  3 x 9.5 x 5cm 


  • 7 flat cards with individually numbered pieces
  • Fun educational facts

    Item 2: Make A Dinosaur Wood & Clay Kit: T-Rex

    Children simply love constructing this fierce T-Rex! Make a T-Rex Wood and Clay Model brings a unique two-step project to your crafting collection.

    Just follow the numbers to construct the wooden 3D dinosaur skeleton before you use the special air-drying clay that dries overnight to add the coloured flesh to the dino!

    Great for developing fine motor skills and encouraging imaginative play, the set includes push out wooden pieces, modelling clay in different colours, shiny eyes and a fact card with loads of information. Ideal for children aged 5+


    • 10x Wooden Pieces 
    • 6x Pots of Colourful Modelling Clay 
    • Shiny Eyes
    • Fact Card


      Item 3: T-Rex 3D Mask Card Craft

      Children LOVE fancy dress! With this 3D full-head mask kit, you combine dressing up with arts and crafts as they build their very own T-Rex Head Mask.

      Let your child immerse themselves in a world of fantasy and make believe as they build their own mask which is sure to become a staple piece of their role play costumes!

      Suitable for age 5+, this T-Rex head is simple to build using tabs and numbered slots, and even fits on many adults heads too for additional fun!


      Technical Specification: 

      • Approximate Dimensions: 37 x 29 cm


      • 2x Pieces to Slot Together